This time last month I was recovering from jet lag. I arrived back from Scotland on the 13th, and I wrote my first blog post a day later. I’ve written every weekday since then. I’ve loved most moments so far, though fighting off the fear of failure each morning hasn’t been a walk in the […]

The Divide

I read a scary statistic this morning. The import of risky goods (products made using child labourers) into Canada increased by 31% last year. This statistic was a bit of a shock for me. Mostly because I assumed the Canadian government had regulations in place to prevent this kind of thing, but also that child labour […]

A whole day of patience

Hello, Friday, you beauty! Oh man, has it ever been a long week. Driving the kids to school this morning, passing by cows and fields and barns and all the other everyday things one sees while making your way through the countryside, I said, “Friday! Free at last, free at last!” I felt grateful and did […]


Today is the last day of May. May 2017 has been my motivational target for the past ten years. It has been the carrot that kept me moving through many moments of failure, heartache and disillusionment. I had a very disappointing thirtieth birthday, nobody’s fault, just an unmet expectation which caused a little internal crisis. […]


I’ve got nothin’ this morning. Like, nada. If this is my morning constitutional, then today I’m in a post-colonic phase. I’m not constipated, I’m just, well, empty. But I’ve still gots ta go! ’cause thems the rules: Write every day. No excuses. So what do you do if you’ve got no material? Eat loads of […]

Capability Brown

I studied landscape design while my children were babies. It was such a strange field of study, so completely opposite from my interests and skills, it was almost as if I had been tricked into taking the diploma at all. I hadn’t. Mike had studied landscape construction, and I have a natural eye for design, so I […]

Jesus, a fairy and a scientist walk into a bar…

I spent the last week driving through the Highlands of, Scotland. I should go into detail about the magnificent volcanic mountains, glassy lochs and large longhaired men in kilts. But I won’t. We’ve all watched Braveheart; we’ve all eyed Rob Roy as he scaled crushed velvety peaks. And the green, all the green! I can’t… […]

Why Blog?

If you did not write every day, the poisons would accumulate and you would begin to die or act crazy or both ~ Ray Bradbury. Writers write. Or so the saying goes. With a whole new life looming up ahead, I’m worried that my daily writing habit will fall by the wayside. Entrée, Le Blog. […]