Biologically Burdened

I’m reducing my coffee intake. Each time I go to grab a cup of Holy Water I ask myself, “Do you need this chemical stimulant?” The word ‘stimulant’ is the rub— it’s a poke at my self-worth: I have everything I need for greatness; don’t need nothin’ or nobody! Pathetic, I know, but it has helped […]

Life is Long

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to convey a growing anxiety I’m currently experiencing to my youngest sister. Bearing in mind that I have just turned forty (a big milestone) and my baby sister is ten years younger than me, you can understand why the intensity of my struggle got lost in translation. “Time […]


A friend came over for tea a few weeks ago.  As she was leaving, she stopped on my front porch and thought for a minute. “Men seem to be able to live in the moment better than women can,” she said. Don’t you just love friends who leave complex questions on your front porch? It’s like […]

Ixnay on the cray cray

Last week, Jude and I went to Art Night at his school. Not only were the primary students presenting their year’s worth of artwork, but they were also putting on a talent show. I’m not a fan of the talent show. This is the school event where kids who are perhaps not very socially aware, […]


I’ve started reading, The War of Art. Last night, while lying in bed, I noticed that I found the aesthetics of the book appealing. Not the cover— the cover is drab and white and almost perfunctory. I ran my hand over the inside pages and thought, “Margins! Yes, that’s why it’s making me feel happy.” On […]


I’ve been wondering about wisdom. Do you know a person who you would consider wise? A person whose words are often peppered with thoughts which galvanise your own choices. When you’re around them, you unconsciously wait for it— the dropping of that pearl. It always comes without intention, without guile.  I know perhaps one or […]