Poison or Pleasure

Looking in the mirror is uncomfortable. The older I get, I find that the reflection that waits for me there is a liar.  That’s not me! Photographs are a similar torment.  My unstudied appearance (the perception I have of myself unconfirmed by the looking glass) is presentable; my outsides reflect my insides. Except they don’t. I […]

On Spawning

I’ve been stewing over a topic for a few months. I’ve had several conversations with different people who are at various stages of their life, and I think I’m about ready to go public with my theory. It seems to me that the generation of adults coming up behind me, millennials in their late twenties […]


I’m pretty good about budgeting my complaints. That’s right, I allot a specific portion of my headspace and verbal fortitude to complaining. I feel it’s the responsible thing to do. I’ve read articles and listened to talks about why complaining is ‘not good for you’, but that seems highly suspect to me. What makes someone a […]

I’m good with naked.

Vulnerability, I’ve realised, is not a common core personality trait. It’s taken me years to understand and accept this. I’d always assumed that everyone would respond to my transparency with matched openness: I see your crazy and I raise you two quirks. No. Over the years, especially my previous blogging years, I’ve felt much like […]