My Eye

A few weeks ago I had a dream that the iris on my right eye fell off. It was horrifying. In the dream, I kept trying to put the green part of my eye back in place just as I do with my contact lenses. I looked down at the concave, speckled disc balanced on […]

So It Goes

I used to clean houses for a living. It was a pathetic living, barely livable, but I did it. I could write pages and pages of life altering truisms based on my observations while doing the dirty work, but I won’t. Well, I might, but I won’t do it today. Interesting fact: Everyone has a […]


On the way home from, Morgan’s soccer practice on Saturday evening, we encountered a little scene on the main road near our home. A German Shephard belonging to the elderly man living on the farm adjacent to ours had escaped and was running around chasing cars. The man, who is quite frail, was pacing up and down […]

Life is Long

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to convey a growing anxiety I’m currently experiencing to my youngest sister. Bearing in mind that I have just turned forty (a big milestone) and my baby sister is ten years younger than me, you can understand why the intensity of my struggle got lost in translation. “Time […]


Both of my children rejected the stuffed-toy-comfort most children get attached to as infants. While other children usually have a blankie, or a bear or a bunny, mine bonded with their pillows. Morgan was about two years old when her toddler’s legs took her over to a wire bin at Home Depot. She reached in […]

Poison or Pleasure

Looking in the mirror is uncomfortable. The older I get, I find that the reflection that waits for me there is a liar.  That’s not me! Photographs are a similar torment.  My unstudied appearance (the perception I have of myself unconfirmed by the looking glass) is presentable; my outsides reflect my insides. Except they don’t. I […]


A friend came over for tea a few weeks ago.  As she was leaving, she stopped on my front porch and thought for a minute. “Men seem to be able to live in the moment better than women can,” she said. Don’t you just love friends who leave complex questions on your front porch? It’s like […]

The Divide

I read a scary statistic this morning. The import of risky goods (products made using child labourers) into Canada increased by 31% last year. This statistic was a bit of a shock for me. Mostly because I assumed the Canadian government had regulations in place to prevent this kind of thing, but also that child labour […]

On Spawning

I’ve been stewing over a topic for a few months. I’ve had several conversations with different people who are at various stages of their life, and I think I’m about ready to go public with my theory. It seems to me that the generation of adults coming up behind me, millennials in their late twenties […]


I’ve woken up with a small case of the Monday morning blues. Despite a gentle breeze playing with the curtain near my bed, the sounds of spring, fresh and dewy, I felt a heaviness in my chest in the first waking moments. Pull it together, Nat, I thought, you live a charmed life. I went […]