I’m wearing shorts. SHORTS. And a tank top. For those of you who don’t live in the Northern Hemisphere, naked arms and legs might not seem all that noteworthy. But to us who do, it’s glorious. When you spend the majority of your year swathed in thermal fabric, walking outside with a pair of flip […]

So It Goes

I used to clean houses for a living. It was a pathetic living, barely livable, but I did it. I could write pages and pages of life altering truisms based on my observations while doing the dirty work, but I won’t. Well, I might, but I won’t do it today. Interesting fact: Everyone has a […]


I’ve started reading, The War of Art. Last night, while lying in bed, I noticed that I found the aesthetics of the book appealing. Not the cover— the cover is drab and white and almost perfunctory. I ran my hand over the inside pages and thought, “Margins! Yes, that’s why it’s making me feel happy.” On […]

The Odds

We live in a stone house that was built one hundred and forty years ago. This house is on an agricultural farm, one hundred and seventy-six acres in size. There is an outdoor pool, a forest and a huge pond (big enough to sail on), and we have free run of it all. Pretty sweet. However, […]