Biologically Burdened

I’m reducing my coffee intake. Each time I go to grab a cup of Holy Water I ask myself, “Do you need this chemical stimulant?” The word ‘stimulant’ is the rub— it’s a poke at my self-worth: I have everything I need for greatness; don’t need nothin’ or nobody! Pathetic, I know, but it has helped […]


Both of my children rejected the stuffed-toy-comfort most children get attached to as infants. While other children usually have a blankie, or a bear or a bunny, mine bonded with their pillows. Morgan was about two years old when her toddler’s legs took her over to a wire bin at Home Depot. She reached in […]


I promised myself I wouldn’t do this. When I started blogging, I thought, “No boobs. No Vaginas, Nats.” You’ll never know who’s going to read what you write here. Mostly it’ll be your Mom, her friends and some very loyal stragglers we like to refer to as ‘our people’. But, you never know… some writerly […]

Ixnay on the cray cray

Last week, Jude and I went to Art Night at his school. Not only were the primary students presenting their year’s worth of artwork, but they were also putting on a talent show. I’m not a fan of the talent show. This is the school event where kids who are perhaps not very socially aware, […]

A whole day of patience

Hello, Friday, you beauty! Oh man, has it ever been a long week. Driving the kids to school this morning, passing by cows and fields and barns and all the other everyday things one sees while making your way through the countryside, I said, “Friday! Free at last, free at last!” I felt grateful and did […]


Today is the last day of May. May 2017 has been my motivational target for the past ten years. It has been the carrot that kept me moving through many moments of failure, heartache and disillusionment. I had a very disappointing thirtieth birthday, nobody’s fault, just an unmet expectation which caused a little internal crisis. […]


I’ve got nothin’ this morning. Like, nada. If this is my morning constitutional, then today I’m in a post-colonic phase. I’m not constipated, I’m just, well, empty. But I’ve still gots ta go! ’cause thems the rules: Write every day. No excuses. So what do you do if you’ve got no material? Eat loads of […]

Getting with the times

Coming to the end of my first official week of blogging, I thought, well, we should end on a high note. Let’s talk about gratitude or kindness or making pavlova?  Yes, probably not going to happen. I’m on the downswing of my menstrual cycle, so, you know, this blog may be high… or it could very well […]


I’m pretty good about budgeting my complaints. That’s right, I allot a specific portion of my headspace and verbal fortitude to complaining. I feel it’s the responsible thing to do. I’ve read articles and listened to talks about why complaining is ‘not good for you’, but that seems highly suspect to me. What makes someone a […]