Life After Death

On Sunday, I spent half an hour driving behind a red pickup truck with a large roll of plastic piping protruding vertically out of its cargo bed. The piping, looped and bound by bungee cords, was positioned in the middle of the box, a divider. On either side of the vertical coil was a deer; […]

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane ~ Lisa See

I read this four hundred page book in two days. Everything about this story is indicative of the reason I read in the first place. It educated me, it inspired me, it moved me. Most importantly it connected me to a place and a people group I knew nothing about. In fact, I didn’t know […]

So It Goes

I used to clean houses for a living. It was a pathetic living, barely livable, but I did it. I could write pages and pages of life altering truisms based on my observations while doing the dirty work, but I won’t. Well, I might, but I won’t do it today. Interesting fact: Everyone has a […]

Code Name Verity ~ Elizabeth Wein

This is the book to read this summer. A legit beach read—no chick-lit fluff, no cheesy romance. Code Name Verity is the story of two indomitable women; one, a wireless operator and the other an RAF pilot. After crash landing in occupied France during WW2, the operator is captured by the Gestapo and interrogated. Though beautiful […]


I love Nora Ephron movies: You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, etc. I can’t explain why I’ve watched them over and over again, except they give me a buzz. Is it because they’re romantic comedies, you ask? Perhaps, but then, I don’t watch other Rom Coms over and over again. Ms […]

All the beloved ghosts ~ Alison Macleod

One of the benefits of reading a collection of short stories is the time factor. Not only can you consume an entire story in one sitting, but it’s also feasible to ‘put off’ a story for another day. Don’t you find that often a story that everyone else has recommended, falls flat for you? Why […]


I’ve got nothin’ this morning. Like, nada. If this is my morning constitutional, then today I’m in a post-colonic phase. I’m not constipated, I’m just, well, empty. But I’ve still gots ta go! ’cause thems the rules: Write every day. No excuses. So what do you do if you’ve got no material? Eat loads of […]

Capability Brown

I studied landscape design while my children were babies. It was such a strange field of study, so completely opposite from my interests and skills, it was almost as if I had been tricked into taking the diploma at all. I hadn’t. Mike had studied landscape construction, and I have a natural eye for design, so I […]


I put a lot of stock in dreams. I dream almost every night— meaning, I wake up conscious that I have dreamt. Most often I can only remember vague details or a sense of emotion, but occasionally they are intense lucid stories. These are the night-thoughts I never forget. I once dreamed several times about […]

I’m good with naked.

Vulnerability, I’ve realised, is not a common core personality trait. It’s taken me years to understand and accept this. I’d always assumed that everyone would respond to my transparency with matched openness: I see your crazy and I raise you two quirks. No. Over the years, especially my previous blogging years, I’ve felt much like […]