This time last month I was recovering from jet lag. I arrived back from Scotland on the 13th, and I wrote my first blog post a day later. I’ve written every weekday since then. I’ve loved most moments so far, though fighting off the fear of failure each morning hasn’t been a walk in the […]

On Spawning

I’ve been stewing over a topic for a few months. I’ve had several conversations with different people who are at various stages of their life, and I think I’m about ready to go public with my theory. It seems to me that the generation of adults coming up behind me, millennials in their late twenties […]


I’ve woken up with a small case of the Monday morning blues. Despite a gentle breeze playing with the curtain near my bed, the sounds of spring, fresh and dewy, I felt a heaviness in my chest in the first waking moments. Pull it together, Nat, I thought, you live a charmed life. I went […]


I put a lot of stock in dreams. I dream almost every night— meaning, I wake up conscious that I have dreamt. Most often I can only remember vague details or a sense of emotion, but occasionally they are intense lucid stories. These are the night-thoughts I never forget. I once dreamed several times about […]