Biologically Burdened

I’m reducing my coffee intake. Each time I go to grab a cup of Holy Water I ask myself, “Do you need this chemical stimulant?” The word ‘stimulant’ is the rub— it’s a poke at my self-worth: I have everything I need for greatness; don’t need nothin’ or nobody! Pathetic, I know, but it has helped […]


I’ve woken up with a small case of the Monday morning blues. Despite a gentle breeze playing with the curtain near my bed, the sounds of spring, fresh and dewy, I felt a heaviness in my chest in the first waking moments. Pull it together, Nat, I thought, you live a charmed life. I went […]


I’ve been wondering about wisdom. Do you know a person who you would consider wise? A person whose words are often peppered with thoughts which galvanise your own choices. When you’re around them, you unconsciously wait for it— the dropping of that pearl. It always comes without intention, without guile.  I know perhaps one or […]