The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane ~ Lisa See

I read this four hundred page book in two days. Everything about this story is indicative of the reason I read in the first place. It educated me, it inspired me, it moved me. Most importantly it connected me to a place and a people group I knew nothing about. In fact, I didn’t know […]

Code Name Verity ~ Elizabeth Wein

This is the book to read this summer. A legit beach read—no chick-lit fluff, no cheesy romance. Code Name Verity is the story of two indomitable women; one, a wireless operator and the other an RAF pilot. After crash landing in occupied France during WW2, the operator is captured by the Gestapo and interrogated. Though beautiful […]

All the beloved ghosts ~ Alison Macleod

One of the benefits of reading a collection of short stories is the time factor. Not only can you consume an entire story in one sitting, but it’s also feasible to ‘put off’ a story for another day. Don’t you find that often a story that everyone else has recommended, falls flat for you? Why […]

Men Without Women ~ Haruki Murakami

I enjoy Murakami. I’m usually not a fan of magical realism, I don’t read many fantasies, but somehow I can pass by the weirdness that he always weaves through even the most mundane of stories. The first book I read by Haruki, 1Q84, confounded me with it’s ending. All that magic, the little people, the […]