Poison or Pleasure

Looking in the mirror is uncomfortable. The older I get, I find that the reflection that waits for me there is a liar.  That’s not me! Photographs are a similar torment.  My unstudied appearance (the perception I have of myself unconfirmed by the looking glass) is presentable; my outsides reflect my insides. Except they don’t. I […]


Mike and I will have been married for fifteen years this July. That’s a long time. We’ve been talking on and off, sharing little bits of insight, over the last few weeks about how different we are now. The Michael and Natalie of 2002 are not the Mike and Nats of 2017. I think one […]


This time last month I was recovering from jet lag. I arrived back from Scotland on the 13th, and I wrote my first blog post a day later. I’ve written every weekday since then. I’ve loved most moments so far, though fighting off the fear of failure each morning hasn’t been a walk in the […]


A friend came over for tea a few weeks ago.  As she was leaving, she stopped on my front porch and thought for a minute. “Men seem to be able to live in the moment better than women can,” she said. Don’t you just love friends who leave complex questions on your front porch? It’s like […]

The Divide

I read a scary statistic this morning. The import of risky goods (products made using child labourers) into Canada increased by 31% last year. This statistic was a bit of a shock for me. Mostly because I assumed the Canadian government had regulations in place to prevent this kind of thing, but also that child labour […]


It’s Friday again, and besides the happy feeling I get from knowing I don’t have to make lunch boxes tomorrow (I’m a simple gal), I am also amped to do my ‘Friday shop’. Friday’s are Family Movie Nights in our house, so I make sure to stock up on chips and popcorn and coke. This is […]

Ixnay on the cray cray

Last week, Jude and I went to Art Night at his school. Not only were the primary students presenting their year’s worth of artwork, but they were also putting on a talent show. I’m not a fan of the talent show. This is the school event where kids who are perhaps not very socially aware, […]