It’s Friday again, and besides the happy feeling I get from knowing I don’t have to make lunch boxes tomorrow (I’m a simple gal), I am also amped to do my ‘Friday shop’.

Friday’s are Family Movie Nights in our house, so I make sure to stock up on chips and popcorn and coke. This is the only day of the week when sugary drinks are allowed at home, and my son nurses the 2L closely from the time he gets home. We know how to party, us Littles.

I also get to buy my lottery tickets today. Lotto Max, 649 and the Cash for life draws. Yeah!

While living with my Aunt and Uncle in London, age twenty, my Nan would ask me every Friday afternoon, “Got ya numbers?” If I hadn’t, she’d make me walk down to the local caf in the pouring rain to spend my £1 on a lottery ticket. “Ya gotta be in it ta win it,” she says.

And the habit persists. I feel a bit scratchy if I don’t buy a ticket on Friday. I’m not delusional; I know that the likely hood of me winning anything more than a Free Play, are slim to none. But, putting my money in the kitty allows me to fantasise about a different life.

If I had unlimited financial resources, my life wouldn’t look too different. I’d just be able to stop worrying about paying bills. I’d buy more gifts for my friends, and my kids would be in different schools. But mostly, I’d live as I am now. That’s a sign that I’m on the right path, don’t you think?

Placing an Unlimited Resources filter over your life is quite telling. What would you do differently? I think perhaps that we Western-minded people often put off our best lives because we lack resources. But we all know that resources are most often only one tiny part of any endeavour. Capacity and bravery take up a far big piece of the pie.

I’ve always wanted to be a foster parent or an adoptive parent. Mike and I even went so far as to go through the beginning phases in the process. We did the ten-week course offered by the Children’s Aid, and we filled in all the forms. But then… we backed out. Not because we feel less passionate about children needing love and care, but because we felt we didn’t have the emotional fortitude required for the job. We took a long hard look at the capacity needed to raise our children, and we took stock of our struggles and realised… we’re running on low as it is. In all honesty, we just lack courage.

Perhaps the timing is a factor, perhaps increasing resources will embolden us down the line. I don’t know.  I hope that this dormant calling will be realised in my life. I know who I am, and my failings (especially as a mother) are always before me. It would be great to find the courage, to move forward in spite of them.

Winning the lottery would surely take away one more excuse from us. What would you differently if you became a millionaire overnight?

God, if you’re out there this evening, shooting the breeze, how’s about flipping the coin in my direction— I need a good kick in the pants… and a permanently clean house would rock my world. Thanks.

Make sure that you’ve got your penny in the pot tonight— and toss me a coin if you win (we can call it motivation money). Happy Friday, Friends!

3 thoughts on “Winning

    1. Oh, I’ll only find out next Friday! I check last week’s ticket at the same time as buying the new one. If I’ll win, you can be sure I’ll write about it:)


  1. I never gamble, just not my thing. But if millions were at my disposal, I wouldn’t change a thing. I would get someone to hide the money from me and pay me a pittance in pocket money…. as it’s probably the reason why I never gamble.


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