Two Four

This morning, I’ve consumed my coffee in bed; discussed, at length, the dangers of spending one’s money before one has earned it; and ordered 2 ‘super cool’ fidget spinners on Amazon. I’ve also read a chapter of a book. It’s 9 am. Public holidays used to mean sleeping in and waking up with a hangover, […]

Getting with the times

Coming to the end of my first official week of blogging, I thought, well, we should end on a high note. Let’s talk about gratitude or kindness or making pavlova?  Yes, probably not going to happen. I’m on the downswing of my menstrual cycle, so, you know, this blog may be high… or it could very well […]

Missed moments

I walk with my head down. I’ve only recently become cognizant of this behaviour after walking into several objects that happen to be at eye level: Tree branches, open windows, truck wing mirrors. When I first noticed it, I thought, “Oh, that’s really bad for your posture, and think of all the things you’re missing in […]


I’m pretty good about budgeting my complaints. That’s right, I allot a specific portion of my headspace and verbal fortitude to complaining. I feel it’s the responsible thing to do. I’ve read articles and listened to talks about why complaining is ‘not good for you’, but that seems highly suspect to me. What makes someone a […]

Men Without Women ~ Haruki Murakami

I enjoy Murakami. I’m usually not a fan of magical realism, I don’t read many fantasies, but somehow I can pass by the weirdness that he always weaves through even the most mundane of stories. The first book I read by Haruki, 1Q84, confounded me with it’s ending. All that magic, the little people, the […]

Jesus, a fairy and a scientist walk into a bar…

I spent the last week driving through the Highlands of, Scotland. I should go into detail about the magnificent volcanic mountains, glassy lochs and large longhaired men in kilts. But I won’t. We’ve all watched Braveheart; we’ve all eyed Rob Roy as he scaled crushed velvety peaks. And the green, all the green! I can’t… […]

I’m good with naked.

Vulnerability, I’ve realised, is not a common core personality trait. It’s taken me years to understand and accept this. I’d always assumed that everyone would respond to my transparency with matched openness: I see your crazy and I raise you two quirks. No. Over the years, especially my previous blogging years, I’ve felt much like […]