Today is the last day of May. May 2017 has been my motivational target for the past ten years. It has been the carrot that kept me moving through many moments of failure, heartache and disillusionment. I had a very disappointing thirtieth birthday, nobody’s fault, just an unmet expectation which caused a little internal crisis. […]


I’ve got nothin’ this morning. Like, nada. If this is my morning constitutional, then today I’m in a post-colonic phase. I’m not constipated, I’m just, well, empty. But I’ve still gots ta go! ’cause thems the rules: Write every day. No excuses. So what do you do if you’ve got no material? Eat loads of […]

Capability Brown

I studied landscape design while my children were babies. It was such a strange field of study, so completely opposite from my interests and skills, it was almost as if I had been tricked into taking the diploma at all. I hadn’t. Mike had studied landscape construction, and I have a natural eye for design, so I […]


I’ve started reading, The War of Art. Last night, while lying in bed, I noticed that I found the aesthetics of the book appealing. Not the cover— the cover is drab and white and almost perfunctory. I ran my hand over the inside pages and thought, “Margins! Yes, that’s why it’s making me feel happy.” On […]

The Odds

We live in a stone house that was built one hundred and forty years ago. This house is on an agricultural farm, one hundred and seventy-six acres in size. There is an outdoor pool, a forest and a huge pond (big enough to sail on), and we have free run of it all. Pretty sweet. However, […]


I put a lot of stock in dreams. I dream almost every night— meaning, I wake up conscious that I have dreamt. Most often I can only remember vague details or a sense of emotion, but occasionally they are intense lucid stories. These are the night-thoughts I never forget. I once dreamed several times about […]


I’ve been wondering about wisdom. Do you know a person who you would consider wise? A person whose words are often peppered with thoughts which galvanise your own choices. When you’re around them, you unconsciously wait for it— the dropping of that pearl. It always comes without intention, without guile.  I know perhaps one or […]

Two Four

This morning, I’ve consumed my coffee in bed; discussed, at length, the dangers of spending one’s money before one has earned it; and ordered 2 ‘super cool’ fidget spinners on Amazon. I’ve also read a chapter of a book. It’s 9 am. Public holidays used to mean sleeping in and waking up with a hangover, […]

Getting with the times

Coming to the end of my first official week of blogging, I thought, well, we should end on a high note. Let’s talk about gratitude or kindness or making pavlova?  Yes, probably not going to happen. I’m on the downswing of my menstrual cycle, so, you know, this blog may be high… or it could very well […]

Missed moments

I walk with my head down. I’ve only recently become cognizant of this behaviour after walking into several objects that happen to be at eye level: Tree branches, open windows, truck wing mirrors. When I first noticed it, I thought, “Oh, that’s really bad for your posture, and think of all the things you’re missing in […]