Playing Alone

Sand is an amassment of earth fragments; bits and pieces of volcanoes, coral reefs, mollusks and quartz. I like sand. I grew up in a beach town, and I’ve been lucky enough to walk on the shores of three of the world’s five oceans. I’ve only seen one sea, but rivers have banks, and lakes […]


We’re twelve days into Lent. I began ‘Lenting’, along with other ‘Lenters’ on March 6th, and will complete the forty-day fast on April 18th. I’ve never attempted Lenten abstinence before, and would not have done so this year if it had not been for the inference by my therapist that I was neglecting my spiritual […]

Life After Death

On Sunday, I spent half an hour driving behind a red pickup truck with a large roll of plastic piping protruding vertically out of its cargo bed. The piping, looped and bound by bungee cords, was positioned in the middle of the box, a divider. On either side of the vertical coil was a deer; […]

On Purpose

When I was nineteen I took my first job as an au-pair in Sarasota, Florida. I was wildly excited about the position because, firstly, it was far far away from home, and secondly the family would be the first Jewish people I had ever met— I would be living with them, adventure! I grew up […]

Chips and Blocks

I started working in a chiropractic practice a couple of months ago. The office has all the appropriate artwork and signage one would think to find in a holistic medical environment. All informative, all acceptable. There is also a photocopied print of a poem, unremarkable, unintrusively pinned to a cork board positioned next to the […]

Biologically Burdened

I’m reducing my coffee intake. Each time I go to grab a cup of Holy Water I ask myself, “Do you need this chemical stimulant?” The word ‘stimulant’ is the rub— it’s a poke at my self-worth: I have everything I need for greatness; don’t need nothin’ or nobody! Pathetic, I know, but it has helped […]

My Best Life is Bullshit

Our new home has no bath. It has a shower that is located in a lone bathroom, the square footage of which is approximately the same as your average elevator. One pedestal sink, a standard flushing toilet and a carbon copy of a shower found in a Winnebago/RV—you know the kind, right? Plastic moulded walls […]


Sitting in the cafeteria last Friday, a young man and I shared a packed lunch. Lunch, it must be noted, that I prepared for myself. While taking out my various Tupperware containers, I noticed that my classmate had nothing to eat. “Do you want some grapes?” I offered. He jumped at the proffered nourishment, and […]

My Eye

A few weeks ago I had a dream that the iris on my right eye fell off. It was horrifying. In the dream, I kept trying to put the green part of my eye back in place just as I do with my contact lenses. I looked down at the concave, speckled disc balanced on […]


I’m wearing shorts. SHORTS. And a tank top. For those of you who don’t live in the Northern Hemisphere, naked arms and legs might not seem all that noteworthy. But to us who do, it’s glorious. When you spend the majority of your year swathed in thermal fabric, walking outside with a pair of flip […]